Displaying Compliance

As more and more businesses are required to have a Display Energy Certificate, Untied Utilities is ensuring it’s helping its customers stay compliant.

In accordance with The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2007, it is the responsibility of every building larger than 250m² that is occupied by a public authority or is frequently visited by the public, to obtain and display their certificate. The Display Energy Certificate (DEC) needs to be positioned in a prominent place clearly visible to the public.

A building’s DEC will show the energy performance of a building based onEnergy Certificate actual energy consumption as recorded annually over periods of up to the last three years. Then they need to be updated up to every ten years, depending on the size of the area. Each DEC must be accompanied by an Advisory Report (AR) providing recommendations to improve the energy performance of the building. This is a legal requirement and a penalty of £1,000 can be issued for those who do not have a valid AR.

In addition, if a building is being sold, leased or is under construction then an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is also required. EPCs calculate the assets of a physical building such as the structure, heating systems and lighting etc.

Phil O’Brien, Managing Director, says, “There is a lot for businesses to think about today to make sure they’re compliant. The measures are important as we strive to tackle climate change, but we understand that they’re also time consuming. Therefore, this is another way in which Untied Utilities is making sure it is helping its customers. We can work with a business to help it obtain its certificate, whether it’s a new certificate or a renewal. We are here to take all the hard work away from our customers.”

We would be pleased to provide a quote for your Building Compliance obligations, making sure your practice is fully compliant. It will take around seven days from the survey to receiving your DEC and AR.

If you’d like a quote or you’re interested in learning more about how Untied Utilities can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01604 636811 or email source@untiedutilities.org.uk.